Patriot Missile Battery

Patriot Missiles Deployed to Syrian Border in Turkey: Another Ominous Sign of Impending War with Iran

Why are Patriot missiles being deployed in Turkey along the Syrian border?  Has NATO been threatened or directly attacked by Syria?  Does Syria pose a real missile threat against Turkey?  What is the real purpose behind this deployment?  Our analysis suggests the only rational threat to justify such a deployment would be clandestine preparations for […]

Syrian Chemical Weapon Facilities

U.S. Government Actively Supplying Chemical Weapons to Al Qaeda Terrorists in Syria

The US Government and mass media would like the public to believe that Syrian President Assad is a threat worth committing US forces to war.  However, it is in fact the US Government that has recklessly endangered the security and safety of millions of lives.  This will include the lives of not just Syrians, but Israelis, […]

Israeli Bomb Hits Mark In Gaza

Israeli Battle Plan for Gaza and the Strategic Implications for the Region

As news of the continued fighting between Hamas and Israel headline media around the world, we sit on the eve of another ground invasion of Gaza.  If bombs and rockets continue to rain down on both sides, we can expect to see a full Israeli assault within the next 48 hours.  In the run up […]

Netanyahu's Glaring Disrespect for Obama

Growing Distance between Washington and Tel Aviv Dangerous

Much has been written in the press regarding what appears to be a chill in relations between the White House and Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu over plans to attack Iran.  However, this distance may in fact increase regional instability and the possibility of an attack on Iran. B2Wire analysts agree that the US should strongly oppose and […]

Iranian Missile Launch

Why War with Iran will be a Disaster for America

This article is one of an exclusive Black Box Wire multi-part series on the upcoming war with Iran.  This article discusses the feasibility of a successful strike to stop Iran’s nuclear development.  If America is going to be led into another war, the public deserves  to be properly informed about what it is about to undertake.  In future exclusive articles, […]

Israeli border defense along the Sinai

Border Security Threatens to Collapse Israel-Egypt Peace

Just as we warned when civil war broke out in Egypt, the breakdown in security along the Israel border with Egypt has begun to undermine the peace in the region. Israel has relied on Egypt for years to maintain the Sinai buffer between the two countries as a demilitarized area free of threats. However, as […]