The Disintegration of Iraq: US Military Action in Iraq neither Wise nor Suitable

As the hordes of American/Saudi/Qatari sponsored terrorists race across Iraq in what appears to be a blood orgy of Islamic extremism of the worst sort, Iraqi Prime Minister Maliki has appealed for help.  Maliki’s forces, to include two divisions of American trade Iraqi soldiers, have broken and fled leaving all of their equipment behind to […]

PM Maliki Accuses Qatar and Saudi Arabia of Waging War against Iraq

As we have reported for some time, the US support to Al Qaeda affiliated jihadist groups waging an insurgent war in Syria would cause the conflict to spread beyond Syria’s borders.  Specifically, we pointed out that the Qatari and Saudi backed insurgents would threaten the Shia dominated (Iranian leaning) government in Iraq.  This came to […]

Erbil, Kurdistan (Northern Iraq)

The Other Shoe Drops: Syrian Kurds Declare Independence

As my readers know, I have given ample warnings on how the Syrian Civil War would spiral out of control and potentially envelop the Middle East in a regional war.  A key piece holding the patchwork of post-Colonial, Mesopotamian nations together has been the acquiescence of the Kurdish populations living primarily in Northern Iraq, Syria, […]

This undated picture released by North Korea's official Korean Central News Agency on March 12, 2013 shows North Korean leader Kim Jong Un (C) inspecting a long-range artillery sub-unit of Korean People's Army Unit 641 at undisclosed place in North Korea.   AFP / Getty Images / KCNA via KNS

War with North Korea: Why the analysts have it wrong

Over the last month, North Korea has significantly escalated tensions on the peninsula by announcing it has entered a “state of war” with South Korea, closed key border areas, and announced the reactivation of shuttered nuclear facilities.  The statement, carried by the communist country’s KCNA news agency, says inter-Korean relations will be dealt with in a wartime manner.  “From this […]

Patriot Missile Battery

Patriot Missiles Deployed to Syrian Border in Turkey: Another Ominous Sign of Impending War with Iran

Why are Patriot missiles being deployed in Turkey along the Syrian border?  Has NATO been threatened or directly attacked by Syria?  Does Syria pose a real missile threat against Turkey?  What is the real purpose behind this deployment?  Our analysis suggests the only rational threat to justify such a deployment would be clandestine preparations for […]

Syrian Chemical Weapon Facilities

U.S. Government Actively Supplying Chemical Weapons to Al Qaeda Terrorists in Syria

The US Government and mass media would like the public to believe that Syrian President Assad is a threat worth committing US forces to war.  However, it is in fact the US Government that has recklessly endangered the security and safety of millions of lives.  This will include the lives of not just Syrians, but Israelis, […]

Picture on Iranian television of what Iran claims is a captured U.S. spy drone

Iran’s IRGC claims it has captured another U.S. Drone

  Iranian news has been reporting that it has captured another U.S. drone invading its airspace.  Television reports on December 4, 2012 indeed appear to show a Boeing Scan Eagle Drone.  At this time there is no way to independently verify Iran’s claims and the U.S. Navy is still stating all of its drones are […]

A burned surface to air missile at a base near Aleppo

First Stage of Iran War Nearing Completion: Free Syrian Army being used to clear air corridor for attack on Iran

The first stage of a shooting war with Iran is nearing completion.  Over the past year, the US has been covertly using Islamic terrorists to fight a proxy war in Syria.  The jihadists from as far away as the United States, Chechnya, and Libya are being used by the CIA for what they believe is to […]

MEK Terrorists Parade Military Arms

US Covers-Up Botched Policy by De-Listing MEK as Terrorist Organization

The decision to remove the Mujaheddin-e Khalq (MEK) from the U.S. government’s terrorist list marks a low point in US decision making, which will certainly come back to haunt America.  This is an organization that is better described as a cult, is perverse in its lifestyle, and has American blood on its hands.  If not enough, […]

Netanyahu's Glaring Disrespect for Obama

Growing Distance between Washington and Tel Aviv Dangerous

Much has been written in the press regarding what appears to be a chill in relations between the White House and Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu over plans to attack Iran.  However, this distance may in fact increase regional instability and the possibility of an attack on Iran. B2Wire analysts agree that the US should strongly oppose and […]

Strategic Reserve

More Clues War with Iran is Near: Tapping Strategic Petroleum Reserves

President Obama recently announced his desire to dust off plans for tapping the United States’ Strategic Petroleum Reserves.  This is the latest in a series of actions by the Administration suggesting the U.S. is quietly preparing for a war with Iran in the near future.  Further, this closely held knowledge is a tell-tale indicator that […]

Jihadist Forces Fighting in Syria

U.S. Provoking War in the Middle East The US is now openly admitting it is supporting the rebels as exposed months ago.  The public doesn’t recognize the significance of this.  What this means is the U.S. has actively taken a side in an ugly civil war with very undefined lines.  Further, I can say with some degree of authority, many of the “rebels” […]