Assessing the Success of the War on Terror Part II: Return on Investment and Perpetual War

Part II of our series continues to evaluate the success of the War on Terror.  It is our thesis that not only has American policy and strategy failed to defeat terrorist threats to the United States from radical Islam, but it has in fact exasperated them.  Today, Al Qaeda and terrorism have become the new […]

Three New Zealand Soldiers Killed in Afghanistan Marks Grim Milestone

Our sympathies go out to the families of the three members of the New Zealand Defense force that were killed by a roadside blast recently in Bamyan Province, Afghanistan.  One of the deceased, Lance Corporal Jacinda Baker was assigned as a medic and marks the first female loss for the New Zealand force.  The three were assigned to the Bamyan Provisional Reconstruction Team […]

Iranian Missile Launch

Why War with Iran will be a Disaster for America

This article is one of an exclusive Black Box Wire multi-part series on the upcoming war with Iran.  This article discusses the feasibility of a successful strike to stop Iran’s nuclear development.  If America is going to be led into another war, the public deserves  to be properly informed about what it is about to undertake.  In future exclusive articles, […]

Wounded Soldier in Afghanistan

Bloodshed in Afghanistan Continues Unabated Contrary to Government Claims of Improvements

Today’s headlines once again announce the death of another 7 Americans in Afghanistan and as many more local nationals. These Americans that died were no ordinary people, but elite special forces advisors, a foreign service officer, and battalion level staff officers and a senior non-commissioned officer.  The special forces advisors were killed by […]