Students has begun an outreach program to colleges and universities seeking new guest content.  This program will not only change the face of B2W posts, but Washington thinking.  Consider that your research paper written for a class may end up being the paper read by the Secretary of State on her way to work and influence a decision on a major world event!  We are requesting that students interested in having their research papers published online submit them to B2W for consideration.  Any student interested should email their paper to  We will review and contact you with publication details if the paper is being considered for publication.

Why student outreach?  We at B2W believe that the Washington thinktanks are filled with stale ideas and insiders.  It’s time to upend the old boys networks that for decades have been recycling old, failed policies to their own benefit.  Don’t waste your time and efforts working for the retired policy that created our failed strategies!  Step to the forefront of policy and change the game.  We are looking for fresh thinking, fresh ideas, and fresh faces to be the next generation of policy makers.

Why put forth all that work researching a paper on current events, policy, and strategy only to toss it in the trash after it is graded?  Instead, send us your best pieces that represent novel, independent, and substantiated analysis for possibly inclussion on our next post.  B2W looks forward to rewarding the next generation of policy analysts with exposure that typically is only rewarded by towing party lines and dedicating entire careers to playing insider politics.

Thank you in advance for your submissions and best of luck in your analytical careers!

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