Liberian Military Seal Slums to Prevent Spread of Ebola_ Source: NBC News

The Real Threat from Ebola is Economic Vapor Lock and Collapse

Outside of three West African nations, which are being ravaged by Ebola, the health threat from Ebola still remains small.  Am I dismissing the risk of further spread? No.  Am I dismissing the fact the numbers infected are still exponentially increasing? No.  Am I even claiming that Ebola won’t return to the US and spread […]

Protestors in Kiev Fire on Police

An Open Letter to the People of Ukraine

I generally have focused my writings on events in the Middle East, but would like to take a few minutes to visit the violence currently erupting in Kiev, Ukraine.  As you are aware, I am speaking as a westerner and cannot fully grasp the situation as a native Ukrainian.  However, I will speak to you […]

M1A1 Abrams tanks sit parked at a secured compound at the Besmaya Combat Training Center. The last shipment of M1A1 Abrams tanks arrived mid-August completing the Government of Iraq's purchase of 140 tanks through a Foreign Military Sales agreement with the United States. 
— Photo by Army Staff Sgt. Edward Daileg

Exploiting War as a Way to Resuscitate a Waning U.S. Economy?

INTRODUCTION The mighty U.S. military industrial complex (MIC) continues to swell, particularly after two decade-long, trillion dollar wars and a post 9/11 world wrought with conflict. A 2012 CNBC report concluded that among the ten biggest U.S. government contractors, defense contractors secured a remarkable nine of the ten spots (Toscano, 2012). These mega-Fortune 500 companies […]

USS Fitzgerald launches missile in missile defense drill; Source:

Part II: The Military-Industrial Complex Strikes Back: North Korea and War for Profit

Confirming B2Wire analysis from April 10, 2013, it appears that North Korea has put away its missiles and has now suddenly become a “non-threat.”  Not so ironically, the appearance and disappearance of the “imminent” threat North Korean missiles posed to the United States directly corresponded with the implementation of Sequestration and defense cuts and then […]