Our commitment to our readers:  Black Box Wire is a site dedicated to the free flow and independent analysis of events relating to United States national security, policy, and global events that will affect your life.  On our site you will not find the same news story retold.  What you will find is independent, expert analysis on major news making headlines as well as hidden, underreported, or unreported events with major implications for the United States and world.  Our goal in news analysis is to consistently provide our readers with early warning of major events BEFORE they occur, in-depth understanding of what really is going on behind the scenes and mass media spin, and solid alternative policy solutions to the issues faced.  Unlike other news outlets that provide commentary on what already happened, Black Box Wire gives you powerful analysis of events so you can foresee what will happen.  This predictive analysis on world events will provide a competitive edge in knowledge to anyone from students and concerned citizens to policy makers and investors.

Why alternative news is critical for today:  Too often today’s news is filled with flashy marketing, politically financed spin, biased statistics and polling, and ill-informed opinion from political insiders.  This leaves the public woefully ignorant of important events happening every minute around the world that can and will affect them.  Rarely is one able to easily access in-depth news on the events that matter and it is even rarer that the reporting is done by subject matter experts.  Contrary to what many may believe, reporters and news anchors are simply regurgitating reports they know little to nothing about and the entire charade is choreographed by ideologically driven editorial staff.  A simple channel check will demonstrate how artificially “uniform” reported news has become when it is clear that the real stories are not being told, suppressed, or spun.  Even worse, major outlets continually recycle the same talking heads from previous political administrations to provide “expert” commentary.  These are the same individuals that at best got it wrong and at worst are still actively lobbying for their special interest agendas clandestinely.  Black Box Wire breaks this status quo news reporting and gives you real expert insider commentary to the latest breaking news from around the globe that will affect you.

Who are we:  Our premium news analysis is provided by some of the finest analysts in the world.  They bring expert, professional resumes with experience not only in academia, but proven credentials in the real world.  Some writers are recognized names within their field of expertise, while others are the unsung behind the scenes heroes that have produced vital analysis for industry, government, and media outlets for years.  Many of our contributors still work in analysis full-time and therefore chose to remain anonymous while others prefer to be the face of the organization and step into the spotlight.  Black Box Wire respects the privacy wishes of all of our contributors.

Contribute:  Black Box Wire welcomes guest posts from new, ambitious, and original thinkers that are well written and researched.  We are proud to provide a platform for up and coming analysts, thinkers, or simply concerned private citizens to provide their unique perspectives on the full range of global events impacting our daily lives.

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