Iraq Explodes: White House Claims “Surprise” even as they Arm the Terrorists

I have been warning for years now that the Syrian Civil War would explode and massively destabilize the Middle East (see links at bottom of article). I specifically wrote extensively about the dangers of arming, training, and equipping Islamic extremists to fight Syrian government forces because it would lead to greater conflict in the Middle East and that these forces would bring civil war back to Iraq.  I have repeatedly warned that these actions would reignite civil war in Iraq, which would cause a breakup of the country into three pieces.  I also warned it would accelerate a proxy war between Iran and Saudi Arabia that would force both countries to escalate the violence.  This is exactly what has occurred.

As current events have proved, my analysis was pinpoint accurate even while the US government claims it was “surprised” that an extremist blitzkrieg is now racing across Iraq and seizing city after city as it consolidates its control of Sunni  Iraq.  The only question is whether the senior policy makers are actually so incompetent that they truly were surprised or that they are again lying…perhaps both.

To clear this up, it is clear that in this case, the White House was in no way surprised and is again lying.  President Obama is keenly aware of events in Syria respective of the terrorist forces he authorized the US to covertly arm, train, and equip.  President Obama knows that all moderate rebel forces in Syria have been defeated and taken over by extreme and “extremer” terrorist elements comprised of jihadists from around the world.  These forces have demonstrated both the will and intent to create a new caliphate, but we knowingly dismissed the threat and continued to support the extremists in their fight against President Assad.  Even before the latest offensive that captured Mosul, the extremist army had already seized much of western Iraq and Anbar province after decisively defeating the Iraqi military in a conventional fight.  From the fall of Ramadi and Fallujah back in January 2014, no other conclusion by competent analysts could be drawn respective of the trajectory and intentions of this offshoot of Al Qaeda.  Iraq was falling back into civil war and it would only get worse if the US continued to support the extremist rebels in Syria.  Now that the worst case scenario of a terrorist state, created by the US, has emerged, I would like to know when the Justice Department will indict senior Obama Administration officials for providing material support to terrorist organizations.  This may sound like hyperbole, but ask yourself what would be your fate if you had given advanced military weapons, money, intelligence, and training to known terrorist organizations with American blood on their hands.  These senior leaders are traitors and all have the blood of thousands on their hands.

If you still have the ambition to care about the truth, email the links of my articles to your representatives in Congress and demand answers.  Ask why it is Guiles Hendrik, the analyst blogger, gets it right years in advance, but even our best analysts at the CIA with the aid of billion dollar spy technology find themselves caught repeatedly flatfooted.  Tell Congress if the intelligence community can’t get it right, or more specifically, insists on lying to Congress on behalf of the White House, I would be happy to brief them on the actual ground truth.

By Guiles Hendrik

June 14, 2014

All rights reserved


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