An Open Letter to the People of Ukraine

Protestors in Kiev Fire on Police

Protestors in Kiev Fire on Police

I generally have focused my writings on events in the Middle East, but would like to take a few minutes to visit the violence currently erupting in Kiev, Ukraine.  As you are aware, I am speaking as a westerner and cannot fully grasp the situation as a native Ukrainian.  However, I will speak to you today from what I know and that is again as a westerner looking in with firsthand experience of United States’ policy and actions abroad.  From this perspective, I would like to offer you advice and caution as you, the people of the Ukraine, forge a new political future.

It is no secret that the US plays dirty and seeks to manipulate foreign events for the purported benefit of the US.  The overt face of this action is the US Department of State, but hiding close by in the shadows is the long arm of US intelligence and particularly the CIA, which has the primary mission of conducting covert action throughout the world.  So far the State Department has done little beyond making hollow condemnations, general hand wringing at fancy dinners, and of course, Victoria Nuland’s now infamous, idiotic, “fuck the EU” statement.  As such, I choose to focus on the latter and decidedly more potent of the two because the events in Kiev have the classic signs of CIA covert action, which include fomenting revolution and violence.

The CIA’s history of covert action in foreign policy has become one disaster after another.  As an American I am not proud of this fact, but have had little ability to stop it other than through informing and educating.  Well intentioned, but compartmentalized case officers (COs) more commonly, but incorrectly called agents or spies, have traveled the world carrying out the orders of Washington for what they believed was the good guys, but finished their careers disillusioned by what they had seen, took part in, and affected if they had any sense of decency and morality left in their bodies.  The reality is the CIA carries out operations that support global corporations and bankers and not the American people.  The well-funded policy makers that order these covert missions could care less about the people of the nation in question or even the citizens of the US.  The CIA actions, whether the COs recognize it or not, exclusively serve the interests of the elite and do so ever so conveniently hidden behind the aegis of “top secret” or “national security.”  Over the years, this secret operation beyond the reach of sunlight has spawned great evil and fueled excessive power.  As such, in practice the brave men and women that form the ranks of the Clandestine Service to include their Science and Technology and Ground Branch brethren become the unwitting henchmen of the banker elite, military industrial complex, and global corporations.  Doubt me?  I challenge you to unbiasedly think for a few minutes about the history of America’s covert wars fought since the creation of the CIA.  When have they actually left a country in better shape than they first found it?  Consider how we “helped” these countries by saddling them with unpayable “development” loans, imposing brutal dictators, or by arming and training factions to kill hundreds of thousands or more of their people so they could enjoy “real freedom.”  Let’s look at our covert operations history in Africa first.  Did things go well in Libya?  Nope, and they are getting worse.  Angola…nope.  Sudan…getting worse too.  Somalia…can you say “persona non grata.”  Nigeria…ecological disaster zone.  Egypt…who again is in charge?  Well maybe the CIA had better luck in Central or South America.  Nicaragua…nope.  El Salvador…please say hi to your local MS13 gang member, I mean former CIA trained killer team member.  Colombia…isn’t three decades long enough to defeat the FARC?  Venezuela…socialist and getting worse.  What about Argentina…what’s the value of their currency again?  Well, at least we won the drug war!  Okay, so the Western Hemisphere is a wash.  How about Asia?  Vietnam…disaster.  Cambodia…Pol Pot just isn’t any fun.  Laos…bombed and left.  Well how did we do against Mao in China…umm, major fail there too.  At least Taiwan is fully in the western sphere right?  Right?  What about the Tibetan rebels and their civil war?  Sold out and left for dead.  Well we sent billions of dollars to Pakistan so they like us, yes?  Well the Taliban certainly do appreciate the donations, but I think we have to chalk Pakistan up as a loss too guys.  Oh, but we rebuilt Afghanistan and gave them Petraeus’ much touted “government in a box” so they must be doing well.  Yeah…no, but at least the Taliban are really well trained on our weapon systems and all have new uniforms.  We give Kabul a two year half-life max.  Okay…so we have done great work at least in the Middle East.  Surely there are success stories like Syria and Yemen…oh wait, never mind.  Well Saudi Arabia has been a great ally if one overlooks how it brutally oppresses its people and so what if Saudi Arabia’s intelligence service funded 9/11.  It’s not like that had any impact on the US.  Don’t forget we liberated Iraq and brought democracy to the, umm… three separate states of Kurdistan, Iraq, and Al Qaeda in the Levant and Iraq!  Well, at least the Iranians certainly appreciated us helping them take over Iraq, but I am not sure how a million dead Iraqis benefited.  Oh and speaking of Iran, how would the Ayatollah ever took power if it wasn’t for the CIA funding a puppet dictator and funneling its oil wealth to the US and British oil companies.  Khomeini at least must appreciate our covert action!  As this dismal, “not” all inclusive list tries to illustrate, it is never a good thing when the CIA comes to your country and offers the “help” of the United States.

Back now to the Ukraine and what the future holds for the stability of that nation.  Neither Putin nor Obama have your interests at heart.  They only seek to subjugate you financially and control your government for their benefit.  The US has tried for a half century to pick winners and influence governments, but in the end we get neither and only cause greater despair and destruction.  In nearly every example, the CIA has left the countries we intervened in worse than we found them.  Never have we shown the nerve and will to finish what we started.  From Vietnam to Iraq and Afghanistan, our interventions cost countless lives, trillions of dollars, and destroyed the nations we purportedly were there to help.  When the going got rough, we bailed out and left the people that supported us for dead.  Only a handful of elite banking financiers and military industrialists can say they benefited and this was in the form of handsome profits made off of the deaths of thousands.  Does the Ukraine actually think it will be any different if it allows agitators run by the CIA to take over the protests?

Specific to the too Obama and Putin, it has become ironic in how far the “west” has gone left turning from capitalism to socialism and Marxism while the “east” has become much more free and capitalistic.  You would think that people would have finally recognized once and for all the folly of communism after the collapse of the Soviet Union.  That said, you would also think that people would have recognized that Keynesian economics of monopoly money and unimaginable debt and deficit spending are equally disastrous, but that too has not come to fruition.   So who is the greater evil?  Russia is at least recovering from its economic collapse and seems to have learned at least a few lessons, whereas the US and EU are about to enter their worst economic collapse ever.  Certainly Obama has more money and military hardware at his disposal right now, but he lacks good judgment, intelligence, and guile and can’t provide the Ukraine with a drop of oil or cubic meter of gas.  Putin has intelligence, guile, and sound judgment in spades, lots of oil and gas, but has limited capital.  Obama has shown he will cut and run on an ally in a political second, but Putin has staunchly stuck by his allies.  Putin has also demonstrated again and again that he is a master of the geopolitical chessboard by dealing foreign policy defeat after defeat to the US and Obama’s clown posse of policy makers.  However, this has worked against the Ukraine more than once as Putin has shown he has no problem shutting off the gas supplies to the Ukraine if it doesn’t tow Moscow’s party line.  Understanding at least some of the genocide and oppression conducted by the Soviets against the Ukrainians, I will not pass judgment on who may or may not serve Ukrainian interests best, but only say that both sides present at least as many negatives as positives.

Respective of the ongoing violence in Kiev, which is now spreading to other cities in the Ukraine, I find the White House to be extremely hypocritical in all respects of its response.  First of all, President Obama is well aware that the covert action the CIA is conducting in the Ukraine is at least equally at fault for fomenting and causing the violence he condemns.  Quite revealing of this fact is how Victoria Nuland referred to the EU’s efforts to quell the violence with her “fuck the EU” statement.  In the law enforcement community, we call this a clue!  This parallels the hypocrisy of President Obama’s policy of arming, training, and supporting known Al Qaeda terrorists in Syria while simultaneously condemning defensive military operations by President Assad’s government to stop the violence.  White House spokesman Jay Carney parrots this hypocrisy when he stated “force will not resolve this” in respect to the protests in Kiev.  Really Jay?  Did you not look the other way when the Bahraini government violently smashed protests?  Perhaps you have forgotten how the US looks the other way as China crushes dissent or Pakistan condones the murders of innocent girls and Christians.  Does President Obama not conduct unauthorized wars throughout the world and kill anti-American dissidents and their children with hellfire missiles fired from drones at will?  Even domestically, how about what happened in Waco?  What about the Fast and Furious operation?  Did we not ship hundreds of assault weapons to drug cartels that have been used to kill many innocent Mexican and American citizens?  Oh and Jay, how exactly would the US government respond to conservative protestors demanding a lawless president step down after he shredded the Constitution and began to rule by executive order.  Don’t forget these peaceful protestors also stubbornly fortified and occupied the National Mall and have shot and killed at least a dozen cops?  I would have to say the Ukrainian government has exercised immense discretion in comparison to the heavy handed and bloody police state reaction that unfortunately would be the likely police/military response by the Obama Administration.  Obama and his cronies wouldn’t even rule out domestic drone strikes and martial law to thwart such freedom driven protests against his illegal and egregious government actions.  You can also be sure a host of Orwellian devices and methods would be used to quell the “revolt.”  Phones would be shut off, the internet locked down, microwave and sound emitting crowd control devices would be used to punish protestors with excruciating pain, dissidents (citizens) would be identified, captured, and disappeared to interrogation rooms on military bases without due process per the unconstitutional provisions within the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA).   The military would be out on the streets with helicopters buzzing overhead and snipers on rooftops shooting unarmed protestors as tanks pushed back the helpless mob.  All while Obama’s state run media continuously streamed coverage about how these protestors were the vilest of creatures that deserved to be rounded up as terrorists justifying the whole endeavor.  President Obama, if you faced the same level of revolt you would not think twice about using all force, legitimate or not, to smash the resistance with bloody efficiency.  He is the most egregious of hypocrites with blood stained hands.

Ladies and gentlemen, I am here to tell you that as a westerner you don’t want our help and don’t need Moscow’s help.  You can little afford to take on the problems of any one of these nations let alone both combined.  You can be a free and independent people and nation if you choose, but that is only through rebuffing and throwing out the rabble rousers sent from Moscow and Washington.  Don’t let old world powers usurp what should be the purest of all birthrights.  Don’t let the EU sucker you into bankruptcy and bankrolling their debt.  Turn away their loans and slimy bankers.  Don’t let Moscow turn you into another puppet.  Don’t let Washington use you to undermine Putin.  Be your own strong, proud, and free nation.  Choose your own destiny and zealously stamp out any and all foreign influences that threaten this prize.  You have the chance to retake your nation, but are walking dangerously close to cliff.  One wrong step will plunge you into a pit of hell and chaos that will take a generation or more to climb out of.  Tonight I am saying good luck and god bless to the people of the Ukraine.


By Guiles Hendrik

February 19, 2014

All rights reserved.