Part II: The Military-Industrial Complex Strikes Back: North Korea and War for Profit

USS Fitzgerald launches missile in missile defense drill; Source:

USS Fitzgerald launches missile in missile defense drill; Source:

Confirming B2Wire analysis from April 10, 2013, it appears that North Korea has put away its missiles and has now suddenly become a “non-threat.”  Not so ironically, the appearance and disappearance of the “imminent” threat North Korean missiles posed to the United States directly corresponded with the implementation of Sequestration and defense cuts and then their subsequent quiet reprogramming “back” into the budge by President Obama.  Once again the American public has been manipulated and robbed by the military-industrial complex.

At the start of the North Korean missile crisis, serious fear mongering and media hype surrounded the threat North Korean missiles “suddenly” posed to the United States.  Totally unfounded headlines about North Korean missiles with nuclear weapons able to reach the U.S. seemed to appear like graffiti on headlines of all of the major media outlets.  However, B2Wire analysts correctly assessed this “new” threat was nothing more than a well-funded publicity stunt by the defense industry to recoup and protect their massive, yet redundant and unnecessary defense projects.  Although war rhetoric and coverage of North Korea spiked, an in-depth review showed nothing had fundamentally changed respective of North Korean missile capabilities to justify the sudden crisis.  However, as B2Wire pointed out, over a 100 billion dollars in unnecessary missile defense programs were to be cut out of the future defense budget and it was the aerospace/defense contractors such as Raytheon Co, Lockheed Martin Corp, and Boeing Co that suddenly became willing to risk pushing the U.S. to the brink of war to protect their contracts ( .

The created North Korean missile crisis sought to use the threat from North Korean missiles to justify funding missile defense programs destined to be scaled back or cut.  The defense lobbyists’ scheme worked like this:

The less money for the defense missile programs, the more North Korea will be presented as an imminent threat.  The more money for the defense missile programs, the less North Korea will be presented as a threat.  If the public doesn’t cry out in fear for Congress to take action, keep the heat on up to and including initiating a war.

As if choreographed, North Korea suddenly became non-threatening just after funding was again restored to the defense budget for these massively wasteful missile defense programs.  Not only are the programs unnecessary and highly overpriced, but they are redundant and inferior to ballistic missile defense (BMD) capabilities already fielded in theater.  The military-industrial complex once again created a crisis (North Korean missile threat) and used it to scare people into opening their wallets in a classic Cold War ploy.  Further, instead of Congress pulling the plug on the missile programs, Congress colluded with President Obama and the defense industry to raise the taxes of average citizens to fund these wasteful defense programs instead of making the necessary cuts.  In fact, it makes the 2014 Pentagon spending request “really just an incremental budget,” House Appropriations defense subcommittee member Rep. Jim Moran, D-Va., told Defense News (  Adding insult to injury, not only is Congress maintaining funding, but the Department of Defense is buying more missile defense capabilities as a result of the North Korean false threat narrative created by well-paid defense lobbyists.

So why should you care?  Well, for one, military industrialists just brought our nation to the brink of nuclear war to secure their programs.  They clearly don’t care about your lives.  Further, instead of getting necessary spending cuts, you are getting tax hikes to cover the costs of these manufactured threats.  Finally, because these unnecessary programs are being funded, other, necessary programs are not being funded leaving our military at a net disadvantage.  B2Wire recommends calling your Congressman and Senators today and urging them to defund these programs.


By:  Guiles Hendrik