First Stage of Iran War Nearing Completion: Free Syrian Army being used to clear air corridor for attack on Iran

The first stage of a shooting war with Iran is nearing completion.  Over the past year, the US has been covertly using Islamic terrorists to fight a proxy war in Syria.  The jihadists from as far away as the United States, Chechnya, and Libya are being used by the CIA for what they believe is to overthrow President Assad.  However, they are mere pawns in a much bigger strategic struggle for Israel’s hegemonic control of the Middle East.

Contrary to what many “rebels” may realize, they are doing the West’s bidding.  In order for Israel and or the United States to launch an overt war against Iran, Syria and specifically, Hezbollah, must first be neutralized.  Failure to do so would allow Hezbollah to pose a persistent danger to Israel so long as Assad’s regime was in power and acting as the go-between for arms and support from Iran.  Further, Israel would not be able to launch a successful surprise air strike on Iran without first destroying sophisticated Russian air defense systems inside Syria.  The removal of Syrian air defenses is essential to open the necessary air corridor for Israeli aircraft to include less evasive (big targets) aircraft such as refueling tankers.  As such, it was necessary to fight a proxy war inside of Syria so as not to prematurely begin the overt war on Iran.  If Israel unilaterally attacked Syria in a conventional fashion it would risk both Syria and potentially Russia entering into the war on Iran’s side.  Thus, the decision to launch our CIA created “terrorists” into the breach as our proxies was made.

For those that doubt the validity of this analysis, consider the following facts:

First, Israel would not support a proxy war in Syria unless it had a very good reason for it.  Few things other than the eventual attack and destruction of Iran would justify allowing an even more adversarial Sunni extremist government to develop on its border.  This is more obvious considering Israel has maintained a relative peace with Syria and would be foolish to jeopardize that without guarantees.  It is just not in Israel’s interest to allow the arming, training, and advising of terrorists to overthrow Assad short of a plan to later destroy them.

Second, it is a fact that the US has been and will continue to support the radical Islamic jihadists currently fighting in Syria against Assad’s forces.  We are providing arms, intelligence, money, and advisors to these terrorists in exchange for them to do our dirty work.  This is part of America’s very flawed and short sighted strategy that uses these forces to destroy targets of interest for the US and Israel.  However, this proxy war scenario has been played out many times past and always blows back with severe repercussions over the long run.  We are just now seeing these effects of short sighted intervention in Libya.  Remember, the rebels do not have an air force so there is simply no good reason for them to risk precious men, time, and equipment against air defense sites unless they were conducting these attacks in exchange for the above from the CIA.

Some may argue whether or not it is terrorists that are being supported.  A simple review of media reports ends this debate conclusively.  American arms are getting to the front lines and the front lines are filled with known jihadists from places like Iraq, Chechnya, and Libya.  Further, known Al Qaeda forces are beyond doubt mixed into and leading main battle units of the Free Syrian Army.  To deny that our support is in fact supporting the very same “terrorists” we have forsaken our civil liberties, privacy, money, and lives to fight against is beyond treason.  No matter how many jihadists kill each other and remain focused on Syria and not Americans in the near term, they ultimately will consolidate and turn their focus, stronger and better armed and trained than ever, back against the US.  This can only end one way for the American people…badly.

Please spread the word and educate others about what is going on.  When this phase of the war is complete, the door will be finally opened for an unthinkable broader war with Iran that will cost America far far more than it is willing to pay.  Write your Congressmen and demand accountability.  Demand we cease our two-faced dealings in Syria.  Demand we end our interventionist policies that have cost so many so much.

By Guiles Hendrik