The Next Wave of Fallout from Obama’s Failed Libyan Policy

Libyan Rebel with SA-7

President Obama’s policy of intervention in Libya has been an abject failure and the bloodshed is likely to get worse.  Specifically, more American lives will be lost in the coming months and we are again the first analytical outlet to bring you this critical inside information.  Most readers are aware that four Americans were killed and more wounded during a deliberate terrorist attack on the US Consulate in Benghazi, Libya.  It is worth noting that our analysis correctly detailed the events of the attack, including labeling it as a planned terrorist attack, within 24 hours of the incident.  Not only did our analysis see through the deliberate lies being distributed via the White House, but also the called the attack correctly when all major media outlets were still debating how this attack was “caused” by a random video no one had seen.  Now our early analysis of the fallout of Obama’s policy of intervention in Libya…made before the first US planes had dropped a single bomb…has again been proved correct in a much bigger and more ominous way.

Our sources have now confirmed that man portable air defense systems (MANPADS), which are small, portable, surface-to-air missiles (SAMs) looted from Libyan military stockpiles have resurfaced.  These MANPADS, over 20,000, fell into the hands of Islamic extremists as a direct result of US support to the jihadist backed rebels and have now been smuggled throughout Africa and the Middle East.  Just this week one of the weapon systems turned up in Palestine and was used unsuccessfully against an Israeli Air Force (IAF) helicopter.  Our analysis predicts that it is likely many of these will be used against IAF and civilian targets in the future and many are already in the hands of Syrian rebels.

Failure of the Obama Administration to foresee the colossal negative implications of our foreign policy that allowed millions of weapons and munitions to fall into the hands known terrorists places the blood of what will be sure to be more innocent victims on the President’s hands.  The over 20,000 MANPADS looted are perhaps the direst threat, but metric tons of anti-armor weapons, SEMTEX plastic explosives, various military small arms, heavy machine guns, ammunition, grenades, mortars, and rocket launchers were also “lost.”  These weapons have jumpstarted new rebellions and bloodshed across Africa and are further destabilizing the entire region.  As disturbing is how far these weapons have already traveled.  The missile fired at the IAF helicopter is particularly illustrative.  We know it left Libya and then made its way to Egypt and was then smuggled clandestinely into Palestine likely via a tunnel.  This is no small feat and supports the assessment that these missiles have now proliferated further into the Middle East, throughout Africa, and possibly Southern Europe.

The facts that the MANPADS have now left Libya and have been used against an aircraft all suggest we will witness more use of these weapons in the coming weeks and months. Possible targets include civilian jet airliners during takeoff or landing at any airport throughout North Africa, the Middle East, and Southern Europe. Although the first missile used missed, this is not reason for optimism.  The target was a military helicopter equipped with countermeasures.  Had the target been a civilian jumbo jet, the missile would have likely destroyed the airliner and killed hundreds of innocent people to include American passengers.  “When” this happens, people must understand the direct connection between Obama’s interventionist policies that provide support to jihadists and the deaths of hundreds of innocent civilians.

If our media was not biased, it should be asking President Obama hard questions about the implications of his failed policy in Libya.  At least a few brave reporters should be asking questions directed toward the mounting collateral damage piling up from his Libya intervention and the loss of these weapons. Specifically, what he is doing to ensure not a single missile is used against on an airliner carrying US citizens?

The strategic takeaway of this mounting disaster should be that intervention doesn’t work.  Both Mitt Romney and President Obama need to realize that it is in fact “their” proclivity for an interventionist foreign policy that is so dangerous for the US and world.  Considering the “success” we have had in Cuba, Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq, and Libya to name a few, a word of caution in the strongest possible terms to US policy makers regarding “further” intervention in Libya or Syria should be loudly voiced.

By Guiles Hendrik