US Covers-Up Botched Policy by De-Listing MEK as Terrorist Organization

MEK Terrorists Parade Military Arms

The decision to remove the Mujaheddin-e Khalq (MEK) from the U.S. government’s terrorist list marks a low point in US decision making, which will certainly come back to haunt America.  This is an organization that is better described as a cult, is perverse in its lifestyle, and has American blood on its hands.  If not enough, its brutality toward the Iraqi people is legendary and has earned it the undying hatred of Iraqi citizens.  The MEK’s war crimes against Iraqi citizens include training Saddam Hussein’s Republican Guard units, crushing the Shia uprising, and being complicit in the heinous war crime of gassing the Kurds.  Further, the MEK is not just hated by Iraqis; it is hated even more by the Iranian people because it is viewed as even more extreme and radical than the current Iranian regime.   This propaganda victory of the MEK and its army of lobbyists demonstrate how easy it is for our policy makers to once again be convinced of false realities they want to believe; especially, when large donations are being made to their political futures.

The senior political leaders that have spoken out on behalf of the MEK and argued for its terrorist designation to be dropped are ignorant, stupid, and or paid off.  These include Rudy Giuliani, Newt Gingrich, Howard Dean, Edward G. Rendell, and congressional leaders on both sides of the aisle.  Few statements demonstrate the absurd level of plain stupidity as that made by Congressman Dana Rohrabacher.  The grossly ill-informed congressman stated; “The MEK are Iranians who desire a secular, peaceful, and democratic government.”  What is scary is that Rohrabacher is the Chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations and should know better.  Not only is the MEK a self-professed fundamentalist Islamist organization, but they also consider themselves Marxists.  It is hard to imagine an organization more diametrically opposed to Western, democratic, and capitalist values than a “fundamentalist Islamic Marxist” organization.  For Congressman Rohrabacher to somehow miss this incredible contradiction goes far beyond ignorance and can only be explained through pure stupidity or a pay-off.

Part of the ploy to delist the MEK was made on the grounds it somehow wants to help the US.  These American leaders have been duped into believing the MEK has been providing verifiable and accurate intelligence to Western governments about Iran’s nuclear program.  Instead, MEK agents have been feeding Washington bogus intelligence that it believes Washington wants to hear and believe exists in hopes Washington will attack and destroy the current regime.  The MEK’s aims in this regard have none of America’s interests in mind.  The MEK wants to foment a war between the US and Iran so that its organization with an even more radical ideology can have a chance to seize power in Iran.  For this reason alone, ANY information obtained via MEK sources must be viewed as highly suspect to outright dangerous false information.

By delisting the MEK, the US has in effect joined ranks with what the Iranian “people” and the government view as a terrorist organization still operating against Iran.  In effect, this will be viewed by many inside Iran as a declaration of war.  Further, the US just made itself appear to be an even greater hypocrite to the millions of Iraqis that suffered directly or indirectly at the hands of the brutal MEK.  Now that the MEK have been delisted, the US Department of State will quickly commence deporting MEK personnel to host nations around the world.  Many of these will no doubt be to countries in Europe and the United States.  Places like Woodbridge, Virginia have already played host to MEK personnel.  Make no mistake that this reckless action will bring an internal Iranian war to America’s soil.  This will mean Americans will now be put at risk of getting caught in the crossfire of a foreign war.  America has no more right to harbor what Iran and its people view as terrorists than Afghanistan had to harbor members of Al Qaeda.

One may wonder how all of this began and ask why we even care and it is a good question.  In short, during the initial days of the war in Iraq, the MEK made a strategic decision to unilaterally surrender to the US in exchange for protection.  In the infinite ignorance of policy expedience at the time, the State Department granted the members of the MEK protected persons status and from that point on, owned the problem.  What the State Department failed to foresee is that they couldn’t send the MEK members back to Iran because they would be executed and couldn’t leave them unprotected in Iraq because the Iraqis would exact justifiable revenge upon them.  Further, as a listed terrorist organization, the State Department couldn’t send them to other nations as refugees and thus, inherited protecting them indefinitely from everyone.  This insanity becomes even more schizophrenic when one considers the numbers of Americans killed and wounded over a decade PROTECTING the MEK at Camp Ashraf.  Remember, these Americans were KILLED protecting an organization that our own government categorized as “terrorists.”  As bad, the American military members with this absurd mission were forced to operate with these terrorists and even support their on-going “terrorist” operations by providing convoys and security to MEK members traveling to and from Baghdad to “conduct business.”  As time has gone by, Iraq has run out of patience for the MEK on its soil and demanded the US take action.  The decidedly non-politically correct translation of this is that if America didn’t get the MEK out of Iraq, the Iraqis were most likely going to kill or imprison all of the remaining members.  To prevent that and rectify its colossal mistakes, the State Department was forced to convince itself and the rest of the US government that the lies and propaganda the MEK were distributing were true and ultimately delist the organization.  If none of this makes sense, then you understand precisely how bad this policy has been bungled by the US.

On a personal closing note to all that think the MEK was only listed as a terrorist organization as a matter of politics and that it is a secular, peaceful, pro-western organization that has renounced violence, you are totally, absolutely, 100% wrong.  You clearly have never worked, lived, and or operated with any of the members of this organization and are only parroting propaganda fed to you by the organization.  How do we know?  We know because we did work, live, and operate with them and had the sad fortune to also witness many good Americans killed and wounded protecting these fanatical, perverted, terrorists.

By Guiles Hendrik